VRoid Studio (Pixiv's free character creator) released

Hi everyone. Pixiv, a Japanese art platform similar to DeviantArt, is preparing to release their own character creator for VR/AR users. The art style for these characters seems to be anime. The program will be free, and will have several modelling tools, such as the ones for hair. I don’t know yet if the characters built in that app could be imported in Blender. Here is their website: https://vroid.pixiv.net

Also, here is a video with the program in action:

Here are more details:

VRoid Studio is an application for Windows / Mac that can create 3D models of humanoid avatar (character), and anyone can use it free of charge. The created 3D model can be exported to a file available in the 3D application. We support export in VRM format at the time of release and will also support exporting in other file formats in the future.

If you create a character with VRoid Studio, you can use that character as an avatar on various VR / AR platforms that support VRM.

There are an increasing number of people who need character 3D models such as “I want to communicate with others on the VR / AR space” and “I want to act as a virtual YouTube”. On the other hand, there are only a few people who can make a character from 1 in my VR / AR space as my alter ego. Also, since it is necessary to memorize the knowledge peculiar to 3D modeling and complicated operation on each software, even creators who are good at drawing illustration on a plane can not be stereoscopic as envisioned, and have a long production time It is the present condition that it has been applied.

VRoid Studio is a character maker capable of solving these problems and modeling ideal characters with simple operations. In order to realize a world where everyone has his own character rich in character and can use the character for communication and creative activities with other people, "I can operate intuitively and draw skill techniques that creators already have We can develop it with maximum emphasis on development ".

The release of VRoid Studio plans an open beta version at the end of July 2018. We are also planning to offer preclosed closed beta, and recruitment starts with the following application form.

There is an application form on that page. Along MakeHuman and ManuelBastioniLab, this could be a great addition for anime styled characters.

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Looks interesting.

i’m a bit worried about licensing of the models (daz3d has a lot of small, medium and big details about the content in their sotre and generated inside their software. Can’t 3d print or do anything else without paying an extra fee), but sure looks cute

The models you create in the program are free for you to use in all your mediums however you want. In fact when you export it, it allows you to set the permissions/licensing for the model.

now you got me intrested. so i can export a model from there and use in commercial applications without paying royalties or such?

Answer is “We don’t know”

There is a answer to this from the developers’ capacity, stating: “You may cook (use) files exported from VRoid (currently only supports VRM) any ways you want. I would love to see you try out more advanced tool after that, actually.”

However, they haven’t released real terms of use or usage license therefore therefore, it would be very irresponsible for me to suggest “yes” solely from the tweet above…

I asked this question to their official presence. They said they are working with a lawyer to formulate the terms. Seems like they will be incorporating liberal term where model can be freely used. So I would say… Stay tuned!

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English version is out and their term now states you have rights work you’ve done on it!

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