VSE addon Jump to Cut 4 (speed up video editting)

I have released a new version of my script JumptoCut.
The addon seeks access to tackle some common options for all video editors and guide to a “philosophy of edit” a little different than traditional video editors we are accustomed.
You can find detailed info and download the script here: http://www.surreal.asturnazari.es/node/197
Hope you enjoy it.

It is a wonderfull solution to the issues of the VSE. Thankyou for your work Carlos.

To be clear, should i trim a strip to the In Out points before performing a meta copy?

In last version, the script auto trimed the copied clip so that the source remained the same length. If this is the case would just performing cuts be better as you can still see the whole strip?

Are you able to record a video showing its use? I will try to do one for you to check my workflow.
And here it is:

I did think that the original script left the source Strip intact at it’s full length. Should I now trim to the marker length?

After further thought, now I am doing this sequence:

  1. Make Meta of media strips

  2. select source and strip Mark in/out

  3. trim to in & out

  4. press copy meta button

  5. UNDO UNDO UNDO UNDO until source is back to full length.

  6. Go to master edit and Paste Meta.

ok, i remake the “in and out trim” in the copy, now it is a Trim & Meta-Copy button :slight_smile:

you can download a new (4.0.5) version (from my web)

i also made another button to set Start and End to In and Out… and i’ll make a video ASAP.

That sounds great Carlos, will the source clip remain UN-affected? That is it won’t change length.

Oops just saw the download link sorry, I will try it.

And I jumped the gun, to early. I will look again for it later. Thanks.

Nope can’t find it…


download the file at the bottom of the page and delete the .txt extension.

Sorry Carlos I was looking for a 4.5 version.