VSE bug or is it just me?

Hello. Here is something that’s puzzling me. I’ve tried with various clips of various durations and the result is the same. Could someone check this out please?

I have a video shot with my Nikon d7000 at 23.98fps, with audio. A *.mov file (I doubt the camera model affects the result though)

I add the clip to the Video sequence editor. Total 167 frames.

I select a start and end frame to trim the beginning and the end of the shot. The resulting animation is 130 frames.

I first render the audio of the selected region to a wav file. I then render the animation to a png sequence.

I then reload the startup file and import the png sequence and the audio file to the VSE.

Even though the framerate is set to 23.98fps, the audio clip is slightly longer than the png sequence (1 frame in this case.

Is this a bug? Is this not important? Is it just me?

Thank you.