VSE: Can I remove a single frame of an image sequence ?

I have a long image sequence captured by a webcam that I would like to render into a timelapse movie with Blender VSE. That works fine so far, but I am looking for a way to easily remove single frames from the sequence. Is this possible in Blender VSE? I could only find information about how to cut whole sequences.
tnx, Mark

If your looking at removing single frames from the video, I would suggest doing it in Windows Movie maker, its extremely easy. Just go to the frame you want to cut, press the split in two button (cant miss its right under the player) move up one frame and split again and the put clip 1 & 3 in the sequence at the bottom and export.

Thanks for the help, but I am using Linux… I was just wondering why a simple “Delete” could not do that job in Blenders VSE.

I believe this feature has been added for Peach, so it will be there in the next release.

select the strip. click or navigate using arrow keys to go to the first frame after the one you want to omit. K cut the strip, and the second half will be selected automatically. Grab and move that strip one frame to the left. Tada.

The other way is to Add->Images, and in the file dir window, drag over all the images you want and then shift/ctrl (forget which) de-select the image you dont want.

hm… may be can try VidCrop PRO ??