VSE Compositing idea

Several times we’ve talked about how the VSE and compositing nodes could talk to each other better - here’s my idea…

This would allow you to have multiple composites within a single edits, each using multiple clips that would

While this would use all the same nodes as compositing, this is infact a new nodes view - thus allowing you to have several node trees within the same scene.


:+1: Submit your suggestion here and here. It might be picked up by a developer.

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This would only allow one comp per scene. To me that seems too limiting to be really useful.

As I see it, the main target should be to make Blender more like Resolve, where you can easily just between clips and adjust them with nodes, with nice caching so it all stays fast and responsive.

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How about…

No, I really don’t think it makes sense to have every clip use the same node tree. Imagine doing a feature film this way, with a thousand shots, all in a single node tree.

The alternave would be to have multiple node trees per scene, as I said in my first post.

I have never edited a feature film, but would you not brake it down into scenes which are edited separately before being brought into the final timeline?

The whole point of the VSE is to put your clips together sequentially. That’s what it’s for. If all you want is to put clips over one another you can do that easily today in the Compositor.

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However, speeding up, slowing down, and adjusting the timing of your strips is next to impossible in the compositor. This would allow you to do things like speed-ramping greenscreen footage while comping it onto a background image.

Another option would be to allow multiple node trees within a single scene.