VSE Cross/speed control help

Wasn’t sure which category this would best fit in. I’m not a 3d artist, that would be something my boyfriend enjoys. One of the hats I wear is that of “dance artist”. I’m using the VSE to put together some videodances. Raw material is just .mp4s shot on my phone and I’m putting it all together with transitions and such and having a bit of trouble with a particular combination of elements, wondering if anyone could help me solve my problem.

So I have 2 strips that I can successfully overlap and crossfade using Cross under Transform (or is it Transition…I forget. I think it’s Transition…). However, I decided I wanted to slow down my second strip, and I did that successfully with the Speed Control effect strip, then I had to add a Speed Control effect strip to the Cross strip because the second clip was jumping back several frames after the Cross was finished.

But with the latest trial: the Cross strip and the second video strip each having a Speed Control effect strip added, the first strip (the one that I want to be fading out) doesn’t seem to fade out smoothly…? There is fade happening–I can see both strips blending well visually, but it seems like the fade out is incomplete by the time the Cross is finished because on the first frame after the Cross is finished, the fade out suddenly completes.

I’ve tried a few of the various ways that you can add fades like using the Add–>Fade–>From Playhead on the first strip and -->To Playhead on the second. I cut the end of the first video strip and slowed that down…I don’t actually remember what that did, but it wasn’t “aha! there it is.”

I’m just shooting in the dark…halp?

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Just had an idea, right as my head hit the pillow, that I think will work.

In a new .blend file, I’ll just render and export the clip that I want slowed down, then import that new clip into my video project :white_check_mark: I think that should work. Thanks, brain! :smiley:

Hi Jenny . Bring down Shot cut Like Blender is completely FREE! I use it to make 4k videos .It has transitions as well as titleling Instructions are simple.
Regards Pete2

ooh, thanks, will do!

Thanks for the suggestion! I completed today in less than an hour what it took me 3 days to not complete in Blender :smiley::grimacing: It did end up freezing during playback but I have an old tablet with only 2GB of RAM, so I will have to tinker with some settings probably. Anyway, thanks again!