VSE: Effect strips no longer work within same channel?

I was going to start working on a new video today after not using Blender for about 2 months. I noticed a strange thing when i tried to check a blender file from 2 months ago. The transitions (in this case, Cross) no longer worked, the output was just blank when transition happens. I then created a new file just to test this further, and it didn’t work there either. Unless the effect strip is moved to another channel, it does not seem to work anymore. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening?

Iirc there was a recent bug fix for yhis. Try a new build.

I actually downloaded the 2.70a version (I had 2.70 before) for this very reason, but same thing. Is this fix in some nightly build?

yes i think so. Sorry

Check these recently closed bugs out: