VSE export frames between markers

Hi Guys!

I have a video clip in the VSE with hundreds of markers. Is there an automated way of exporting the frames between each marker (and putting them into sub folders)?

I can do it by hand with the jump to cut script, like pressing marker next/previous, then source in/out, set start/end and export it manually to a folder… but that’s kind of slow.

What I want to do is add color correction and effects to a music video clip and I want to separate every single cut to image sequences.



Hmm, you could run the VSE to compositor script, select each strip and send it to nodes. Once sent to the new scene you can render out just that portion. Still have to direct to a folder though, or you could name each render uniquely. Then when you want to load a particular range from the render folder just enter the root name plus a wild card character. Eg. Shot_01_0001 to Shot_01_987, enter in the load images window Shot_01_****. Then Blender will load all images replacing the asterixes with numbers.

Thanks for the reply David. actually I’m using that script. the problem is I only have one giant strip, that is made up of like I don’t know… a hundred cuts or something. maybe I have to find a way of separating them to standalone strips.
anyway for the moment I guess I will do it manually.

PS: those VSE scripts are awesome. I use jump to cut, extra seq. actions, and VSE to comp.

If you slice the strip and send that, the script will use the new start frame and the duration that you define. Not just the whole strip.