VSE Hotkey change?

There are a few functions in the VSE menu for Strip selection (select to the right/left) but they don’t have buttons assigned :frowning:

In the 3D view there are call functions that you can remap for selection, but not so in poor old VSE.

Various selection types are very usefull functions from a workflow perspective.

Who should I ask about getting their Operators called upon key entry? That is how can I get a Hotkey assigned?

I see there are many Linked select types (shift G) too, but they don’t have editable variables to target selection. eg. select linked/Data, results in all media strips selected. As does select linked/Type!

There is no panel exposed to make these clearer.

Can anyone suggest who I pettition for these?

Concerning the first issue, seems to work fine for select left & right. Make the first shortcut by right-clicking on the function name in VSE menu. And create the second one in User Preferences by duplicating the first one, but change left<>right.

try this:


Hmmm when I right click (select edit source) on the menu function all I get is an error Active Button Match Can’t Be Found. Thats why I was asking. Doing this with b2.61

So I tried manually. I added the instruction you posted Sago and added (side=‘RIGHT’) but I can’t get a trigger from any key :frowning:

Me 2.62, revision 44231. Before Bmesh merge. Works fine here.

Ok I am r44154 windoze xp. thanks anyway. I will try another builder.

Tried an older build and get the same problem. When I hard code the line in, no effect. When I try to right click and expose the button, then error.

Maybe I am doing something fundamentaly wrong?

me on XP too. I think I might have an optimized build, but shouldn’t make a difference.

  • i open default blender, Ctrl+Arrow until I get video editing layout
  • add some color strips
  • in the VSE header -> Select & right-click Strips to the Right -> Add Shortcut (I choose Q)
  • look up new keymap in User Preferences under Sequencer
  • duplicate new keymap, use W as event & set it to ‘Left’

try on strips. Should work

Doh! Thank you Sago. Again. I totaly missed the Add Shortcut menu item.

All good now.

But point 2 still stands.

Oh no, now I see that select to the right/left only selects items on the same track. Not so great fro ripple edits when you can’t link stuff (except through Meta strip).