VSE Inverting colours of a Video or Multiple Images fast


my question is pretty easy. I look for a plugin or script with that I can easily invert video/image strips in the vse (like over an effect srip maybe) I already saw a old thread over it but the links there didnt work anymore due to date so I wanted to ask for newer Blender Versions.
I use Blender 2.78 and Blender Internal

Would be great if there was one :slight_smile:

You can add a curve strip modifier for curves and just invert the curve line

well,it works for a single image strip but you cant keyframe it on a video strip for example. If you want the invert only in a certain area of the video. any suggestions or ideas for that?

To apply effect to an area, duplicate the strip vertically. Have the Color Curve modifier on the top one. Use a mask that you generate in the UV image editor and use it in the Mask region of the modifier.

a bit tricky but works fine, even tho I just used a keyframe for the transparency + alpha over, worked great :slight_smile: