VSE - Meta strips - preview image seems to disappear

Hope you can help me with this:

May it be the intention, that meta-ing a couple of strips returns no image (2) in preview window? When un-meta is chosen, the image returns (1).

To me a quite useless behaviour unless someone could tell me whether it has be so or – even better – how to view the meta content?

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The metastrip treats the lack of visual information as blackness, and puts it over underlying strips. You need to make your sound-metastrip “alpha over”, as weird as it may seem. Or move it underneath.
Someone recently posted a wish about “alpha over” as default for new strips/stuff, and I couldn’t agree more…

Hi encn

Great, it works. You’re right about the alpha-thing, yet I have another issue on top of that: Have you experinced any messing-up in the sound? When metaing the strips the sound dissappear …

Even after unmetaing it persist until hitting “Alt-R”-keys (reload strips). Have tried to “open” metastrip with “tab”-key and reload this way - maintaining the meta-group - but no effect either.

And of course: I’ve “Refresh Sequencer”-ed

Any idea?

Thanks also for your comment about “VSE: cannot undo strip cuts”. We can conclude that Blender should’nt reject “undo” in this case. I’ll keep an eye on other possibilities as you stipulate.

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Jan. 3rd, 2013 UPDATE:

Have actually made a job in late december using the VSE and must confess, that I could’nt restablish the above mentioned error, so meta strips seems to work as intended. I must have messed up something in the proporties yet unknown.

Best wishes: A happy new year from Copenhagen.