VSE Proxies still unusable

For a second I thought they now worked, but when trying to apply a proxy generated off a video file on a Meta Strip, I am sad to find out proxies are still unusable in 2.6.
Problem is that proxies from video files are generated as .avi files, while meta strips expect a bunch of jpgs as proxies. Attempting to force the avi on the meta strip by using the “custom file” function crashes Blender.
Attempting to create a proxy from a meta strip crashes Blender. Therefore my specific workflow (combine two video files into 1 meta strip) can not be performed in Blender 2.6.

I have gotten meta proxies to work fine. Although they can crash just as they finish rendering out. But re-appear when I start the .blend back up.

Definately try to get custom path (maybe not custom file) to work.

I still have issues with Meta audio, so that when i meta video and audio strips together and chop them up for an edit the mute or trimmed audio persists outside the strip ends.

But I have seen this work when I made up some HDR effected video that requires duplicating a strip and changing its speed then blending it together with a Gama Cross effect, I meta all that and Proxy it.

The only way I can get it to work is to render the proxies in 2.49. And with the amount of crashes I had with 2.6 in just the few hours I tried it, I feel safer editing in 2.5 then still.
It would just help a lot more if proxies from video inputs also could be rendered as jpg sequence, and/or let meta strips accept avi files as proxy.
And not crash as much.

Decided to try again. Loaded a video in the VSE, made it a Metastrip, as that way at least I would get a jpg sequence. Let Blender build proxies. Checking the custom directory I had set for it, seemed to be fine, except for one thing: I had set it to render proxies at 50% size, but it was creating it in subfolder named ‘100’. Well, whatever floats Blender’s boat, I suppose, if it thinks it should place 50% proxies in folder 100, who am I to judge it?
Needless to say, when the proxy was built, the preview window showed up completely black.

Renaming the folder ‘100’ to ‘50’, as one would assume is logical miraculously solved the issue!

So, official proxy bug: proxies are generated in wrong folder.

OH ok, I never thought to check as I usualy do all sizes. Have you made a bug report in the tracker?