VSE Rendering - finished Video is now too fast

Not sure if this is the right section but oh well.

I’m rendering a video through the VSE and when the finished product comes out the images are sped up twice as fast as the sound. My Frame Rate was shot at 24 fps and I’m using 24fps to edit.

Anybody know how I can correct this?

Check your Output settings. Frame rate, Time Remapping, etc. A screenshot would help.

Could maybe be issue with codec

Having the same problem, captured with camstudio in MScodec1 avi in 30 fps. Set this framerate in blender BEFORE importing the vids.(to make sure audio and video are in sync) Still, the videos are at least 2x too fast, although everything plays back nicely in preview mode. I’m close to capturing the realtime preview, like we did with cycles, before it could render out movies … :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I got my special problem sorted out. The problem was assumably the video encoding that comes out of camstudio, that blender did not like very much. I converted the footage with oxelon converter from MS video1 .avi to standart quicktime h264 and voila, even blender can output it with the given speed of 30 fps. Lost some details on the way of coding and encoding, but at least it works now.