VSE Text Effect Problem

Hi all,

I added text effect to a video but text looks flickering and shaky when it gets bigger. I changed Interpolation Mode to Bezier and smooth keys but it didn’t work. I want a smoother text transition. What could be the problem? What is your advice?

Thank you.

Here is the video:


Cant play the video. How did you resize the text strip? Did you use font size?

I resize it with animation keys.

If you are worried about the aliasing in the preview window, don’t worry as it goes away when you render. There is no anti-aliasing in Preview.

Here I have resized text by quite a lot. On the left is a render which is smooth, on the right is the preview (not at 1:1 resolution) it has jagged edges.

Thank you 3pointEdit

I updated my video. I think this is normal because this text doesn’t look shaky on my tablet.