VSE Timing bugs with 2.6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 mpg4 files

Hi guys,

Nice to meet you all. I’m trying to make a music video with the 2.6 VSE on Windows 7, and have had a lot of success so far, until I started adding mpg4 files from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ‘phablet’.

When the movie is imported it completely changes the timing of the sound track, generally ‘pushing’ other clips further up the music track (timing).

If I delete the Samsung movie from the VSE, everything returns to the way it was !!

I’ve tried a few different movie pixel sizes, eg. 1024x720 etc. when recording on the Samsung, with no success.

Has anybody got any ideas how to fix this problem?

Love and peace,


You may need to check the frame rate of the Galaxy footage, it must match the project frame rate. Or the other way round. It may also be using drop frame, that is not actualy 30frames per second but a bit less. Can you provide a screen shot of the problem?

Finally you may want to generate a proxy of the mp4 file as Blender may be wasting to many computer cycles decompressing the file.

Avidemux details of the Samsung video:

All ideas and help will be gratefully appreciated. This problem is holding up my project :frowning:

Love and peace,


Here are the parameters of the Samsung videos as supplied by Avidemux.

All help will be gratefully appreciated to fix this problem. It’s holding up my project :frowning:

Love and peace, Sol