Scene by arenyart. Re-shaded and re-renderded with VSHADE.

Vshade is a node group collection developed for Blender. The most important feature of this collection is that it is, an easy to setup, all-in-one a material system, that is not in the Blender. In the same time, it can do this as high quality as possible and physically corrected, and also compatible for PBR material setup (it supports Metalness and Specular workflows). It has a lot of material nodes for this. With this node groups can be setup a material of desired level. If you want you can use “ Uber ” node system that all-in-one, or other node groups for specific needs (solid, refraction, glass, glossy, SSS etc.) and you can create desired materials easily and realistic.

Vshade is especially developed by reference to V-Ray system. As you can easily see, many of the Vshade’s settings are very similar to the V-Ray settings. That’s why the V-Ray users can easily adapt to the Vshade system.

Detailed Information (BlenderArtist page)


VSHADE - Professional Shader System for Blender Cycles & Eevee

VMATS - Vshade Material Library for Blender Cycles & Eevee