VW Golf GTI 2014 w/ Rocket Bunny Body Kit

It’s time to try something new. I went ahead and started modeling the Golf GTI with the Rocket Bunny Body Kit since I saw these types of kits in arcade games consisting of cars.


This looks promising.

This looks promising.

That’s something I’m going to focus for a while since I like the car bodykits.

The body is complete and now ready for shrink-wrapping.

Headlights complete.

Now to complete the taillights.

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Door Mirrors and Windows complete.

I’m also using a Carbon Fiber Material for the Car Paint.

Are you unwrapping your whole model? Or using object coordinate? I hope you are using right textures for carbon fiber. Because right now they all look mere lines.

Yes, I unwrapped the whole model using the carbon fiber texture from Textures.com.

Taillights Complete.

Also, I’m having a small issue with the Carbon Fiber Paint.

I’ll resolve the issue after I complete the model.

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Wheels Complete.

Time to do some shrink-wrapping. Then I’ll model the interior.

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Front Bumper, Side and Rear Bumper Shrink-wrapped.

Door Handle complete.

The Rear Bumper with the Exhausts also complete.

The entire model is now complete and rigged. The carbon fiber texture is now fixed.

Now to prepare the renders.


The renders are done (for now).


How did you set up the carbon fiber material? can you show the nodes?

Here’s the carbon fiber material setup.

I’m using the normal map for the carbon fiber material as well as the roughness map controlled with a color ramp. Then I used mix shader to mix the clearcoat with the layer weight.

I think you shoukd try the anisotropic rotation map also. And while you are theee, try to use tangent too. I don’t know if this makes any sense or if it os accurate, but I liked the results much better with them.

Bad ass!really well done!

Thanks. I’m planning to model more cars fitted with these types of bodykits.


With your method, I tested the anisotropic on the carbon fiber.

Before anisotropic was enabled:

After it was enabled (with rotation set to 0.5):

Is this OK?

I am not sure if those extra stuff is really required or not. I just found that using carbon fiber with higher bump range and those maps make it look better.

Here’s what I use:

This method could be totally wrong.

EDIT: I think clearcoat should be 1.

Backplate Renders: