VW Golf MK4 , Vray

updated version (higher res and fixed shadow):

Shading, lighting ,composition and rendering by me!

The model is from user Jay-Artist on blendswap :slight_smile:

Rendered with Vray and used post pro to remove fireflies and add effects. Although there is still some noise.

Beautiful. But there’s something strange in the shadows in front of the car. It seems that the light pass through the space between anterior hood and the windscreen

Thank you! Yes, you are right about the shadow, I noticed that too, it’s probably because the interior of the car is not modeled.

Why fireflies?it’s strange in outdoor lighting can you tell more about settings?

I think there are fireflies because of the hdr image that is used for lighting and because the car surface is really glossy. I used a dome light with hdr texture.

Lightcache/Brute Force and Progressive Sampler