W.i.p. for Blender Itaia Competition "In fondo al mar"

5 days left for submit the work “under the sea”. Critique are appreciated.

I like what you have done here, the only but is I don’t think a seal would breathe out that much air underwater, but the air modelling is really nice.

Cheers, Clock.

I like it! But it looks a bit boring, may be? What would make those looking at the image stay on it a bit longer?

Thanks guys. @clockmender i’ve excluded the second fluid sym, it seems to be better. @Margenta my intent was to recreate a mix of frustration, the melancholy and the impossibility to shout, to the human race, not to destroy the earth in their first touch. it’s believable? But this is my first Face/Character model, and I’ve learned a lot of things, but is no time for facial rig. If i have time want to rig the fish for more convincing movement. Thank’s.

Hi, a small correction in the title is missing the letter ’ l ’ in the word Italy, the bubbles and otter are too influenced by the water, look at this picture.
Otter under water

Hi pafurijaz. I don’t know how correct the l missing. And this is my reference for the shot. What you meant?

This is my last edit.

I can’t see the image attached, but now it’s better, it’s brighter, I would add a bit of light bundles underwater, then the bubbles seem a more more, I’d do a lot less, and more spherical in shape, then for me, it lacks a reflection of light in the eye, look like the eyes of an alien.

For the title look here change title thread