(W I P) Haunted Wasteland

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Lol here will be my attempt at making a ‘zombie game’

Background concept: There have been mysterious deaths occurring in an isolated town. Your team of the W.A.R.S Team CHROMA is sent to investigate, and meet up with the other team sent to what is believed to be the source of these deaths; The Raincoat Mansion.
But once they get there, all hell breaks loose, and the secrets of the mansion are unfolded forever…


Class: Medic
Carries a backpack which has 10 of its own inventory slots for medical items only, along with the usual 5 slots for other inventory items (weapons, ammo, objects etc)

Role: Photographer.
She is a university student who studies forensics and has chosen to assist CHROMA team with their investigation of the mysterious deaths in the mansion

Class: Heavy gunner
Carries a military backpack for 10 slots of ammo and grenades, along with the usual 5 normal slots.

Lone survivor of the W.A.R.S. ALPHA team that CHROMA team was supposed to meet up with, her superb driving skills will be put to the ultimate test when escaping the mansion.

The Blue Ninja
Nobody knows much about this mysterious man, but it isn’t long before its discovered that he is the one who unleashed the zombie curse upon the town, if not the entire world!

OK I’ve decided to break the game into six different levels with its own unique game play style, so it’ll pretty much be 6 short and simple ‘mini games’ tied into the one game. This will hopefully make the game varied.

Levels include
Mansion (explore)
Underground Lab (puzzles)
Storage facility (action based)
Highway chase (on-rails)
Shopping Mall (light-gun mode)
??? (secret)

[I will upload a new compile when at least one of these modes are in rough completion]





Highway chase

Storage facility

Enemies coming soon…


Copy and Pasted!

I second the screenshots.

lol my bad. first post edited

i really like the camera setup. i can see that u have played dmc4=]

hehe yeah that game pwns.

maybe u could post blend file with that camera setup or somkinda tutorial about it?

Ok I’ve been adding details to the ‘sketch layout’ of the courtyard, and I started modelling Amy:

Dude its easy, just have the area you want the camera to switch to covered by a plane with actor and ghost buttons, give the char a property so that when it touches the plane it changes to it. Example blend attached


example1.blend (295 KB)

Modelling for Amy’s head is finished!
Added more stuff to the courtyard too =)
Screenies in first post

… I need CnC >.<

Well, interesting stuff. Camera works.
Not much else to critique on seeing as we don’t really know gameplay, art style, storyline, etc.

We know the background, but that doesn’t really count =P.
… Though I do think the main character’s mesh is awesome so far (j/k).

What is it going to be? A shooter? An RPG? Puzzle solving game (Because you included a statue to use keys with, the slots system)?

It going to be similar to resident evil… have you played that game?

JK? It isn’t awesome =o?(j/k)
Please tell me whats wrong with the meshes so I can improve my work. =)

And well for the actual story, I dont want to spoil it for now =P

I think I’ll redo Amy’s ugly hair, and fixing up her face texture too and modelling her body.

w00t her torso is done (sort of)

I will try and keep my character polygon count to about under 10k (ATM shes at 2.5k)

OK i threw together a quick compile of the progress I made with this…


It’s still not much but at least I’m getting somewhere, right? =)
First post updated with the link.

nice… looking good so far!

The jacket texture looks good… did you use pictures?


TY =) yeah I use pictures of the clothes from different angles and stitch/smudge them together in GIMP. For the denim jacket to keep it looking denim-like a little bit of noise was used over the smudged areas. Thats how I role.

Shes nearly done! Just got to add hair hands and shoes =P


Really detailed!

Amy’s coming along very nicely, she looks good! (modelling wise and umm… otherwise)
If i can ask you for a favor, please give her eyes!
She is really creepy at the moment :smiley: