W:I.P: Head model + Skin shader and texture test Update¡¡¡

hi, this is a skin test under diferent lights to see how react the shader.
C&C are welcome thanks.

p.s: the ears is just a realyyy wip test for see the proportions.

c-you Zhay13

spotlight+AO 8 samples


spotlight+AO 8 samples side view


3 point light


area light


sun light


wow, i can only see two of them (other links dont work :frowning: ) but looks really good, can i have the shader plz lol ?

that is a dang nice shader, pass it out man!

You HAVE to give that out! :o
Very amazing work…very amazing indeed… :smiley:

Nice shader!

Looks too dull (not enough red), and the eyes need work.

very nice comments, :smiley: thanks to all really, an about givin away the shader…???

  1. when i finish the model and tehe textures and the shaders i give it to the great community of elysium for free use in investigation and research…

The ears,lips,eyes and eyelidis are a wip, so forgime for the errors that have now my model :wink:

C-you soon


The shaders rock but he’s got a kind of creepy APhex Twin look about him that I find unsettling. I love it! :wink:

cringes Man, those are the music videos you hate to love…they’re creepy but well done! :smiley:

Nice skin shader/texture! My main beef is that it looks as if the lips have lipstick on them…hmm how can I put that better like smudged lipstick especially the lower lefthand corner of the mouth. Other then that great job! :slight_smile:


cool! looks very realistic…

That shader looks excellant, reacts quite well with the lights.

thanks man i feel :expressionless: for your nice comments, right now i`m working in the color and bump textures, and start to making the eyes :o that is gona be dificult to integrate with the realism of the skin, and then i gonna make the eyelayes and browns? and the air.
Please tell me what do you think is best for hair, poligon modeled+color and bump texture or poligon planes +color and alpha texture?
I wait for sugestion.
P.S:I gonna try SSS in the ears …



new tests, added more detail to the color and bump map, still tweakin the skin shader for optimal results, and finish the head modeling(almost).

Blue eyes :o

one point light, AO 10 samples, puuuure BLENDER!!!


Really great model and texture. Looks a bit scary. He´ll fit in any of the X-files episodes.
I especially liked the ears. Keep up the good work.

The skin shaders look very good, the eyes don’t. I assume that they are blue on purpose. But their coloring looks too flat like from a comic book. It doesn’t match the natural shading of the skin.

haha he looks evil! :o v.nice modeling, shading and textures are v.nice as well :slight_smile:

The texturing is great! Modelings not to bad. Could use a bit more work. But not much, just tweaking here and there.

Ohh, a Fremen ! :smiley:

The Skin texture is very good.

Good work !