W.I.P. Man-Dragon Hybrid

Here’s a work in progress for a Man-Dragon hybrid. I’ll finish working out the shape of his wings. Then add some asymmetry, pose him and sculpt some in a lot more detail. Comments and critiques are always welcome.

I’m working on the wings. They were to flat.

I’m trying to establish the shape of the wings

The second wings are a lot nicer! but if you want him to fly they need to be bigger! (I am referring to the ones on the second post)
Te anatomy is a little weak… legs and foot the most. maybe if you use some proper references for that it will help you a lot.

Thanks, it’s far from complete.

I’ve remeshed him and am working out a pose. I will do the final sculpt on him in his final pose.

Have you got any references to work from?
It may help you quite a lot.

I do, but could always use more!

working on arm muscles