Wabi Sabi Gallery

Hi everyone,

this time i did a small scene, named Wabi Sabi Gallery.
It is made from elements from the project I did for the client, but I changed it a lot after that :slightly_smiling_face:
All models i did by myself.
Textures are from Poly Haven and CG Axis.
I like wabi sabi style. This time i wanted to try “kontralicht” light situation.
In that case Cycles needs a bit more samples, to get cleaner result in the darker areas.
It took around 20 minutes on my rtx 3060 with 3000 samples in 4000x4000 pixels resolution.
On Linux MInt OS.
Some small post work I did in Darktable and Krita.

nice greetings



nice work…good job :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

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Thank you : )

looks very realistic. Good job there!

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Thanks a lot : )

Closeup shot as an addition.


absolutely no sitting at the table, please

It is not a table. It is an info desk at a gallery.

o’ pardon, didn’t know that

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yes, not everything is clear and obvious here, it is semi abstract in it’s concept. But I imagined it as a part of a gallery space : )

Could you remove ypur post please?
It is very confusing now.
If your passion is to work on images from other artists, please do it in a separate post.
Thank you in advance.


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Sorry, just re-compositing for more realistic looking ))

I have no problem with that.
But please, do it in a new separate post.
This is my post and i did it how i like it.

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Thank you very much :pray:t2:

Nice work, and you choose very nice image as background :slight_smile: Is it your photo or from stock?

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Thanks a lot ; )
The background is rendered HDR from Poly Haven.

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Wooden beams are not attached to the concrete beam. They are attached to an undercinsteuction which hangs on the ceiling.
Wooden beams are here only because of accoustic :wink:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you Bart : - )
Have a nice weekend too!

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The texture for ceramic tableware objects i did fully procedural. I think it would be interesting to share the nodes setup.