wacom lcd tablet on a shoe string

wacoms lcd tablet on a shoe string
right well over the last week i have been stripping down and old lcd tv that had stopped working. i finaly got to the problem and managed to fix it. but then i had a brain wave i noticed that the lcd screen was so thin that surly my grafix tablet could penitrated it. so after some carful fidlling i got rid of all the metal in the screen and was left with a “nude lcd screen”.
i placed my tablet behind it and WOW it works. i can now write on an lcd screen just lke wacoms £700 lcd vertion (well nearly)
i have got the basics done but i need a small bit of help to finish it off.
so here is the problem: my tv is 15 inches but my tablet is A4 sized so there is a small gap around the edges. therefore the mouse is offset. so is there a way to get your computer to adjust the size of the screen.
i would love to get this thing working right as the whole rig has cost me less than £30

this might be usefull


this dude started the original trend and explains the things that need to be done in fairly good detail, from what i read, you need to tweak the drivers for everything to work properly

thanks for that i had no idea it was so wide spread.but it does not realy help me that much because the man on that web site was able to map his writing pad to just one portion of the screen. i can’t do that.so does any one know how to make your display smaller

a friend has said it may be possible to do it with the use of visual basic but i dont have a clue when it comes to codeing. is it possible? if it is does any one know where i might find some tutorials on how to do it.

Wait… you mean you want to take an LCD monitor and adjust the width and height of the image?

I don’t think that’s possible in the hardware. There might be a way to do it with the video driver, but the image you will get WILL look like ass, teh same way that using a non-naitive resolution looks on LCDs

The trick that people use for the Wacom tablet -> DIY Cintique is to get an LCD monitor that is slightly smaller than the tablet’s drawing surface so you can tweak the size of the tablet to match teh screen size. I’m really not sure if it’s possible to alter teh image size on teh LCD sheet. Might be able to tell teh tablet to us less of the screen space to make up for the size difference, but then you won’t be able to use the tablet to draw on the whole screen. If you have a regular mouse so that you can hit your menus and ‘start’ buttion, and depending on how much of a difference you’re talking about here, it might not really be that bad of a compromise in order to have such an awesome device, it will mean just having to work in a slightly smaller area of the screen.

if the tablet is only like an inch smaller than the screen or so you should be able to use Photoshop and Painter and all that without having to use teh mouse much at all, except maybe to use the file/edit/etc menus and close the app and stuff…

yeah i see your point. what i have been thinking of is to maybe just buy the componatnts to a tablet and biuld it myself as that way i can mach the screen size exactly. however i am unsure as to whether you then are requiered to make your own driver or wether you can just use an existing one.

if the tablet and screen size match up perectly you shouldn’t need your own driver, if not then you probably will.

Sounds like a cool project!

Although, I have no idea where to begin such a thing, though nVidia has some useful stuff in its control panel.

so if its the right size will windows just pick up the tablet and start working?