-- Wacom Tablet -- configurations (with adobe photoshop elements)

OK, so… i’ve had my Wacom pen tablet for a long time now, and there is this really cool feature that when you press down, the lines get thicker or darker… but lately it hasen’t been working. I couldn’t figure out where to configure this stuff… So after a while of searching I found it in my pen tablet folder buried under many subfolders. I was so happy, but when i clicked on it, it said there was an error and yadda yadda yadda. So i decided, maby i should just re-install the software, so i unistall the old stuff (via add-remove programs) and it seems to be off my computer. When i try to re-install it from the disk it came with it says there is allready a version on my computer. I tryed lots of stuff allready, i’ve searched the web, i’ve restarted my computer, i’ve searched for anymore pen tablet files, but can’t find anything! plz help!:frowning: