Wacom tablet misc questions...

I’m thinking about getting an intuos 6x11 for christmas and was wondering a few things that maybe someone around here can answer. Does Gimp take advantage of pressure sensitive whatnot? How is using Blender with a tablet? Are there any painting programs(free or not) similar to Corel’s Painter for linux(I looked around, but couldn’t find it myself), or would Gimp suffice in this area as well? These questions are merely my trepidations of spending a great deal of money(to me, anyways) materializing. I hope someone here can help me out, and feel free to bring up things I didn’t think of, as input is appreciated regardless(ramble I do)

ArtRage works well via wine.

Yup. Krita also supports pressure sensitivity & has some watercolor features.

I found setting up the tablet drivers under linux a real pain, and there were virtually no programs that support pressure under linux - let alone tilt. Keep in mind this was a couple of years ago, I’m sure support has improved since then.

Also now that Blender has pressure support for painting/3dpainting/sculpting it would be a nice thing to have. Under linux though you would probably be better off with a regular graphire - all the fancy buttons and things on the intuos probably wont work under linux anyway.

Thanks for the replies, as they’ve answered my questions… I liked Artrage(back in my win days) and hadn’t even thought of using wine, so thank you! …I had written off Krita, but now I’ll give it it’s due… After reading http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/main , I’m more assured about having it work(plus tilt works with intuos!)… So, all in all, thanks for the replies as they helped me out.