Wacraft orc fanart, "Orc 2021"

This is a remake of my six-year old short animation (whopping 4 seconds back then).

I decided to use the same audio track and try to keep the feeling of the old one but bring it to this date.Voice acting by yours truly…

The animation, all glorious (?) six seconds of it:

Still render of the character:



Textures painted in Substance Painter and I put the final composite together in Natron. Other than that it’s pretty much all Blender.

The old animation I remade is at:

Thanks to everyone in the Flipped Normals and Blender discords who provided feedback!

Lessons learned:

  • animation is still hard
  • I suck at modelling armour
  • did I mention that animation is hard?

Awesome work!

Thank you very much!