Waiting for Neil

Any suggestions on how I can get the candles to glow please and any other comments will be appreciated. I don’t know why the picture looks so bad, it is fine on my machine, I will find the problem and repost.


add spheres on the candles. Make them yellow.
Add them to another render layer.
Composite - Blur them.

Also, you need to add some more emmit value to the candles, so they give you a little more to work with.

Thanks for the tips, strange thing about the picture, I uploaded it on a computer at the public library and when I looked at it on their machine it looked terrible.
The edges were jagged but today I am on my own machine and it looks fine, must be the graphics card on the library machine?

Did you search for reference when modeling the guitar stand?
Looks like nothing I’ve seen so far :smiley:

what neil? neil young or neil diamond?

In my personal opinion, this could really do with a lightboard. The way that this is set up makes it seem that those red, green, blue, and orange lights are reflecting off of the wall. If you add some light fixtures, I think this would help. That and I think they could also be a bit stronger. I also think that adding some kind of a curtain in the back would help to add to the mood of the picture.

I really like how you’ve modeled the things, though. Well done.