Wake up!


This picture was made for a czech cg contest,. I used Blender(surprise) and some correction in Photoshop.


Stunning image! Well done :slight_smile:

To say the least. That is amazing!

Very nice modelling. The pose and composition is also very well done.

To me, the lighting could be improved though. Everything seems very flat right now. Some more dramatic lighting would make this piece stand out more than it already does.

Also, I think it would convey a better modd if it was B&W only. Just seems that it would workbetter.


excellent work. I agree with BgDM. I think you can use the lighting to creat a better mode.

That’s really, really cool.
Personally I think the lightning on the main object is beautifull. The background and all those chains work a little distracting for me, but again, really cool.

:o :o :o

May I disagre with BgDM and @ner? :expressionless: I think the lighting is quite appropriate and artistic, with subtle tones in the mid-shadows that put the shapes of your… errr… androïd? at their advantage.

of course, the lighting could have been more dramatic, but more darkness would have definitly hidden the details of your great modeling. So i fell you found a good balance between visual impact and modeling showcase.

Oh, BTW, I love the slight blur of the background, subtle and not too ‘heavy’.


Awesome picture, lots of cool detail to amuse the eye.

falls over
Wow, this is really well done.

The modeling is really good and I like the lighting.

Well considering that i am new to blender and i am now learning at an accelerated pace, this is an exceptionally great pic. I was looking for technological inspiration and this gives me a great idea thanx…


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

good god man thats awesome :smiley:


Luv it!!!
Keep it comming!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Very good work indeed!

I agree with olivS about the lighting, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

great job


Wow, great work!

I agree that the lighting could be a bit more dramatical, the background looks too bright and the lower part of the being could be more shadowed, but it’s your decision. Maybe a volume light would fit - but these are just thoughts… it’s a very beautiful picture.

So how did you do in the contest? I really like your picture alot.


wow just beautiful, i love how more and more great artists are visitiig elysiun to share their art. now, as for discussion for the lighting, there could be some more consideration put into it heheh. Both the style it is now, and a style using more angled contrast could work, but its up to how the artist wants to convey his modelling and both ways are fine and will hide and show differnt things, its like a panter choosing to paint in blue or red. So i dont think there is need to change anything if this is what blitz was aiming for . I love the use of detail personally, good luck in the contest!

Magnificent! With your quality of work, you make a very strong point to choose for Blender as an alternative for the other packages.

About the lighting. Maybe by adding a halo spotlight, the picture will have a greater dramatic impact