Walk cycle along 3D path: pointers please

Hi, I’ve done a few walk cycles in Blender’s NLA editor, but I’ve never done it along a path. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, and I would like to do that now.

I tried a few searches in the forum now, but get flooded with responses. It is just too difficult to filter the results. Plus some of the results also seem to point to old tutorials.

Can somebody point me to a “recent” tutorial for a walk cycle along a path? I haven’t used the stride bone yet, but - based on some things I’ve read - it seems to be “old fashioned” now. (Or maybe the way it is used has changed?)

In short, I would like to be able to set up a walk cycle and to be able to make a character walk along a path. First prize would be to also make the character walk on a non-flat surface, e.g. up and downhill. What about trickier things like stairs? I suppose that needs a separate walk cycle, but can one have a character:

  • Walk along a path up and downhill… (e.g. outside)

  • Let him get to a house and walk up a staircase (I can understand that this may be another [cycling] action strip)

  • Let him walk around the top storey of the house
    … with all of this happening along one path that varies in three dimensions.

  • What does his feet do during while walking up and downhill - they cannot stay flat?

  • How sharp can the left and right turns in a path be?

  • Some Q - but for up and downhill?

  • Would the staircase walk be another action?

I do not necessarily expect somebody to elaborate all that here, but I would like some pointers to tutorials or threads in the forum, or example .blend files (preferably with some explanatory notes).


The place i have tried to learn is a pointer to ManCandy FAQ, it is the part 6 of walk-cycle: NLA Curve deform ManCandyFAQ/html/walk6.html

Finding it somewhere, i dont know! Maybe:

or on the Blender e-shop:

It IS complicated, and a bit a question if it is worth it, because after some years, … you know, … tools are developing and all will be totally different.

You, I actually completely forgot about the ManCandy DVD! I bought my son one for his birthday, so it may be worth the while borrowing it from him! Thanks a lot for that reminder!