Walk Cycle Critique

Hope everyone is well. I’m looking for critique on my walk cycle. Yes I know it sucks
I do not own this model this is property of Treyarch

Welcome back :tada: :
Oh come on, you know that… because you searched for walk cycles :wink: or looked at other people walking didn’t you ? The elbows are jumping and clipping, the feet aren’t setting inward, the hip is not rotating and the upper body isn’t moving in a wavy manner…

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Thanks @Okidoki. I knew there was something funny about his walking. I’ll try and implement those changes

The march is successful. You should add lip expression and head movements. :wink:
I hadn’t seen it, but the right arm goes through the belt bag.

@flag I’m sorry but what do you mean by march? Did I animate the feet and do the steps right?

I agree with Okidoki on all, but what makes me cringe is that his arms go through the packages on his waist and belt!

Thank you @DNorman I agree I should have fixed that