Walk cycle cuve deform/modifier for root bone offset animation?

Don’t know if im just tripping out or if the option is simply not in 2.5x + blender versions.

Anyone know if there is a way to make an amature or bone-s deform or follow a path during an animation , specifically a walk cycle where the character is physically walking forward - not walking in place… ??? I
'm using this with a root bone offset to keep the character cycling forward the cycle distance.

Its been a while since I tried to animate a character to follow a path and I don’t want to use the walking in place method and the follow path parent or constraint option.

Here is what I’m am looking for. In the floating panel at the bottom , its called an action modifier and simply allows a curve to modifiy the animation of specific bones within a action or nla strip.
In the newer blender version thought the modifiers available don’t include the deform/curve option… ?
Maybe if the same effect is achievable with drivers ???