Walk cycle - From point A to point B?

I’ve got my walk cycle all done in the action editor, but as it stands, the character’s just pedalling air.

How can I make my character’s walk take him from point A to point B?

Without the stride bone:

or with the stride bone:

If I remember correctly about this second one, you need to make sure that the timeline range in the NLA strip extends to the end of your full walk path, which is a difference between 2.42 and the previous version which this tutorial was written for. Other than that the tutorial is correct. Search stride bone in this forum for much more discussion about that.

Hi Budman_2000
I am an old user of Blender. But I feel that After a lot of tutorial I was not able to understand NLA and Stride Bone Tutorial. All the walk cycle you see on my home page as done with Python. I read that famouse Stride Bone Tutorial about 20 times, even that I could not understand. Can you please give me some link for step by step Stride Bone Tutorial.

The stride bone is soon to be obsolete. I could never figure it out either.

This new feature in the imminent release of 2.43 is way easier to use:



I would be not too sure about that …

Anyway, stride bone is pretty much straightforward to use.
http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/NLA_Editor_and_Stride_Path, see the last section.

Ok, I should have said “IMO will be obsolete …”.

Well I’m guessing your comfortable in using it, I couldn’t figure it out and spent hours on it with tutorials etc.

LOL, and you’re not exactly offering an un-biased opinon (is that an oxymoron?) … as neither am I :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for posting that tutorial and I’ll give your tutorial a try. I just skimmed it, and the idea of a rolling forward wheel + stride bone is interesting.


It’s one thing to animate a wheel, or a path walk cycle that moves pretty much in one direction, but start turning your charactor through corners and you’ll quickly see why Mike is right about the new system.
I’ve never worked with a path system that didn’t cause some (or a lot) of foot “slippage” in this situation until now, this is really good stuff from Ton et. all. Well done! :smiley:

[Check out this test .mov (right click please) 858kb](http://www.clipsandscripts.com/dothelp/turn_walk_v_blur.mov)

When is the new version comming?

Pretty soon. There was an article in blendernation the other day:

And you can get the latest CVS builds here:

There are links to download CVS versions in that thread.

If you want to wait for the official version, I guess the answer is it’s coming “soon” :slight_smile: