walk cycle + logic

I’m trying to make a human model move forward and walk at the same time… I’ve got the Upkey assigned to both motion, and action. Motion work fine, but i can’t seem to figure out why it wont run the action(“Walk”, a simple 15 frame, 4 key frame, walk cycle) i’ve started over probaably a half dozen times now and watched/read 3 different tutorials on the subject. so i heres what i have:

action act
Loop End AC:Walk
Sta:1 End:15
Blendin:0 Priority:0

could anyone help me out?

Post a .blend, maybe?!

untitled.blend is attached(i know really creative name)


untitled.blend (639 KB)

I know the problem because I’ve run into it to. Spend a whole day trying to figure it out and finally found my answer on this forum.

The reason why the animation won’t play is because the game engine does not support the armature modifier. So select the mesh, delete the modifier, then parent the mesh to the armature by first selecting the mesh, then shift select the armature, then hit CTRL+P. A pop-up will appear, choose “Don’t create vertex groups” (because you have already created them). Now the animation should play in the game.

It seems as the mesh is not parented with armature parent. Reparent it again:

  1. select skin mesh,
  2. <shift>-select the armature <ctrl><P> … Armature … Don’t Create Groups


Thanks, I spent all day yesterday trying to figure that one out. Its not my model, one i downloaded so I wasn’t aware it wasn’t parented. works great now(after some tweaking on the action)