Walk Cycle Problems

I’m having a problem with the Character Animations chapter tutorial of the Essential Blender. Near the end we’re supposed to have a walkcycle made with the Hank Rig using the action and NLA editer. Of course near the end of the tutorial the walk cycle is nothing more than walking in place. So over the course of the 21 frame walk cycle I’m supposed to move the master bone (which moves the whole rig) to match with either the heel or toe that is contacting the ground each frame till the 21st. Now to translate that same movement but to keep it going instead of looping back to the same spot as before I’m supposed to use something called Offset bone in order to translate the movements of one bone over a set amount of repeats that the cycle goes through. I have 5 repeats of walk cycle in the NLA editor and the offset bone is set to the master bone (so that, supposedly, the whole rig will move the same distance over the 5 walkcycles making it appear as if Hank is anchord to the ground) but when ever the frame goes beyond 21 the walk goes much farther than it’s supposed to, Making hank glide much farther than a step would take him.
Does anyone have an answer to this? I’m guessing it’s a novice mistake but even redoing the tutorial didn’t help and the book doesn’t cover what to do if this happens, it just says “and if all goes right, Hank should walk continuasly.”

That sounds like the old stride bone method. You can now animate your walk cycle moving forward, then, in the NLA editor, you can choose any bone for the offset bone . A torso bone works fine, but you could use a foot bone or whatever. You don’t have to frig around with slipping and such, then.

I did that, that seems to be the problem. Even though I’m using offset bone (I even tried other bones which make it loop back to the start point then glide farther) and using the master bone which controls the foward movement, it still glides foward (instead of going the distance I want it to)

Maybe I should upload the .blend but I don’t know if I’m allowed since the .blend came with buying the book, then again blender is freeware. Also If I uploaded it, how would I do that? This forum only alows for pictures and such to be attachements.

meh,k new it was a novice mistake. Apparantly I had offset bone on the other action that the tutorial made you do, a wave. So that caused some build up or another of offsetting I’m guessing:spin: causing the walkcycle to glide farther than it should after the first innitial walk (because the wave happens after that)

In any event, found out the problem, sorry if I wasted any ones time but thanks to fatfinger for helping out!:eyebrowlift: