Walk Cycle

i was just hoping to get some feedback on this walk cycle i put together for my new character.

Just Right Click - Save target as

This is actually my first posted animation. Yay!!:yes::cool:

It’s a corrupted download. I’d re-host it to somewhere like www.mediafire.com.

what codec is it?

The playback of this movie requires a Intel Indeo 5 decoder plugin which is not installed.

Why not to upload your file to youtube. or google video

Why not to upload your file to youtube. or google video
It reduces the size by creating a swf of our video, and it will be easty for every one.


Never uploaded a video before.
Here’s youtube link:


Should work

there’s some good references to see on youtube and cgtalk. You have a good start at a toon walk. If you want a realistic walk, the hips/body needs to go side to side.

Also, try to film him walking in a circle so we can see all aspects.

If you want to show the walkcycle from all sides the best way is to add empty to the center of your character. Next add a track to constraint for the camera targeting the empty.
Now add a keyframe to the empty keying it on the first frame with 0 rotation and depending on how fast you want to rotate the next on on the 24th or 48th (24fps) with a 90 degree rotation. Now go into the IPO Curve and extend it cyclic. Now the camera will rotate around the cartoon walkcycle showing it from all sides.

isn’t it easier to make the camera follow a bezier circle

Good start!
But there is no buddy weight from side to side, and it seems like he’s not touching the ground. maybe because the angle view of the camera. I would change it.