walk cycles. 4 and 2 legs.

Here’s my current attempts at some walk cycles for a game project I’m working with called battletech simulator.

Here’s the 2 legged cycle

and the 4 legged cycle

Some feedback would be helpful.

I want them to look heavy (they’re supposed to be between 70-100 tons) and the cycle must serve as both a low speed walk cycle and also a higher speed run cycle.

Wow, great animation, specially for a game. I’m not sure the first on could also go as a run cycle, the strides are to short. He also looks kinda akward with his arms up like that. That four legged one is really something though :smiley: good stuff

i have see 4 leg one, nice but i think this walking in place?

I’m kind of restricted in what I can do with the animations because it’s for a game.
For example, the arms have to be up like that in the 2 legged walk so that he can fire the lasers in his forearms. There is no shooting animation, and he won’t be carrying a gun, everything is built in (the weapons are added later by the game engine).
The whole upper torso will twist as part of a separate animation which will be blended with the walk cycle in game.
Also the 2 legged animation will be for heavy designs (this one is 70 tons) so they can’t run fast. I’m going to make another animation to be used by the smaller designs.
Thanks for the feedback. I admit the 4 legged walker looks like he’s running in place a little, but it’ll look OK once it’s in the game. That’s the nature of all walk cycles…

have you seen my 4 Leg walk, and 4 leg run,how it is?

hi Smoking_mirror
I like the models & animation, it looks really quite good.

In the first video, there seems to be a frame/ipo misplaced causing the knee to act not smooth or fluid, almost like a key frame is out in the cycle, out of sync.

In the second video everything is much more flowing, very sexy!
Although, as in the first video still flawed, the left rear leg is out by a margin on the uplift, nearly like he has a limp. kinda cool actually, but not text book perfect.
(hmm, limping robot…limps more when hit…that would be cool!)
great job over all. keep it up!

In the first one, the “limp” is supposed to be the contact pose, that is the point where the skeleton transfers weight from the back foot to the front foot. Same with the second one.

As the wight shifts it causes a change in the speed at which the body drops towards the ground. When the leg is then braced, the shift stops. It should give an indication of the wight of the subject, if it’s done right. Not sure I’ve got the hang of it yet.

Your 4 legged animations are pretty good, If you want to learn more, search for traditional animation cartoon run cycles. There are some nice pencil and paper dog animations on youtube. Of course it all depends on what animal you want to model.

For a dinosaur, I’d recommend modeling it on a lizard. Only more upright (lizards spread their legs out to the side).

I understand. That leggy thing is very good stil :smiley: