Walk/Fly Mode with wall collisions?

is it possible to add collision to walls in walking mode with gravity turned on? i want to explore my scene on foot but i keep on running through walls and falling into the void. thanx in adance!

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do you mean in BGE? if yes, maybe you should change/add BGE tag.
I’m not expert in BGE, so I can’t help you with the problem. Maybe see some blend files on BlendSwap, etc.

no, just in the regular 3d modeling/editing window in blender 2.8 beta eevee. if you press Shift ~, it will go into walk/fly mode with first person controls. Once activated, if you press tab, it will enable gravity so that you may walk around in your scene. my problem is that walking mode has no wall collision. i just want to explore my scene on foot without clipping through the wall and falling down into the void of empty space.


Did you find any solution for this?