walk o matic

hey everyone,

I tried running the walkomatic script in 2.41 and I get an error message in the console saying something about layers. I have absolutely no pthon scipting knowledge and any tips on how to fix and use this script would be greatly appreciated. thanks a lot,


line 270-274

Old code :

        centertarget.layer = layer
    leftikt.layer = layer
    rightikt.layer = layer

New code :

        centertarget.Layer = layer
    leftikt.Layer = layer
    rightikt.Layer = layer

thanks a ton!


i tired that mod in blender 2.42, but it doesnt seem to work, now current frame is highlighted.

is there a compatible version of walk-o-matic?

Tested on blender2.42 , use this file :
and replace the walkomatic0.49.7.py by this one :

thank you jms.

i got it to work hurray, rejoyce.

however, i have one problem.

i used a plane as my proxy. and all the emptyies are on the left side, the back ones move from the back to the middle, and the front ones move from the front to the middle then to the front again.

it sorta looks like a caterpillar walk cycle.

i was wondering (maybe i jsut did it wrong), how do do it so that the empties move past oneanother and are on opposite sides of the plane ? (so that 3 are on the left side and 3 are on the right side, theby enabling bipedal motion)

what i mean is what variables must i change (if any) to get it to be like that or if i am even allowed to change them. i really appreciate ur help:)


ok, i found out what i did wrong! thank you very much:)