Walk Through Walls :(

(snailrose) #1

Hey all…
I’m new to the game engine
and i have a quick question…
How do you keep your character from walking through walls?
Right now I’m setting the walls with a property of (w) and under my character i have a sensor set to collision/ property (w)
Any help would be nice

(Doc Holiday) #2

:o ??? You don’t need a Sensor under Your Actor. Just set him to Dynamic. Have a Look at some Demos. e.g.: http://www.blendergames.com

(ndnchief) #3

So you decided to give the game engine a try, huh? Well, I will let one of the resident experts field that question for you. There would be a few different ways to detect collisions, So I will let one of Vet Gamers help you out, I am only just starting to understand the engine. Someone will answer, these guys are great, like having a personal tutor, they are always willing to post to help you out. I just wanted to say I have really admired your work for a while, I really like the touch of abstract while keeping a style deffinately of your own. I always think of “HELLRAISER” the movie when I see your art. Mabey it was your work entitled “reflection” that makes me think that way. Anyway I think your work is great, and welcome to the game engine. Someone help this guy out, he is pretty talented using blender…

NDNChief (Sucking Up Again) LOL…

(joecool) #4

the collision sensor is horrible in blender. It’s a major bug that needs fixed. try sizing your worlds real small. That usually helps some

(snailrose) #5

Thanks for all the help
My problem was i had the bounding sphere size set way to low…
I set it to cover the whole Character…