walkcycle (anime girl 3D)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOMy4aPzwIk <---------walkcycle.
please watch and comment and critique. I want to improve this enough to use it in short animations. Also here are some new pictures of my character with some lighting experiments, I would like to hear what you think of this stuff. thanks. http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b273/exposedcircuitry/3Dwip3.jpg

one quick question, when I try to make her do karate moves I get small patches of skin and red shirt showing throgh the layer of gray clothing, what is the best way to fix that? I already tried changing the weight painting and that only kinda helped but didnt fix it all.

She looks nice, The walk cycle look good to me, except that waving part (It looks as if she has broken her arm to wave), though you can take this crit as almost useless as I done approximately … none animations. As for the clothes, the only thing I suggest is to delete that part of the mesh which is underneath some other clothing. Though, again I am no expert …

Hmm. It’s not looking that bad. The walk-cycle is pretty decent, the poses are actually very good–and the timing seems fine–but it isn’t loose enough, it’s like she’s shifting from pose to pose. Try to shuffle the timing of the different key frames in relation to each other, taking into account lead-in and lead-out and stuff. The waving does look a little off, it’s a little jerky, but that can be fixed easily. Try a little wrist movement in the wave, just to experiment. So, final verdict: very good, it just needs a little polish. :]

Also, re: the clipping. You have two options. 1: something really convoluted with bones and weight groups. 2: learn about driven shape keys, which are not actually as hard as they sound.


Try here for some info. Experiment a bit and when you’ve got the hang of it, attach a shape key to the shirt that’s driven by her spine bending, so that when she bends, the cloth will stay behind.

A few minor tweaks needed. The wave: she waves, then she looks in the direction she’s waving. More natural: she looks, sees someone to wave at, then waves. Hips: hip on weight bearing leg is high, as soon as the leg takes the weight, stays high until weight is transferred to other leg. Hip moves forward and backward following the foot or knee on the same side. Head: should bob up and down with high point/recoil poses, even if just a little bit. Not bobbing is probably contributing to the stiffness people mention. Also, head generally points forward rather than rotate with shoulders.

Nice model. Very watchable. I like the lighting/shading, too. Works really well.

There is no head bounce. As the feet move so does the spine and everything else attached. Walk up and down a hallway or anywhere else and notice how your body moves. Concentrate on one part or take it all in as a whole, but just feel how your body moves and try to turn it into an animation.

Or watch someone else walk… That works too.

Nice model and shader! (Her crotch needs to come up a little…)


You can also try this little tip. Tape a sheet of paper over the screen covering the body but revealing the head and watch the animation. Does it still look like she’s walking or just swaying her head. Make adjustments as needed and do the same thing with shoulders, body, hips, then legs. A believable walk will make the character look like they are walking, so even if you can see only a part of the body, you know they are walking.