Walkcycle Genarator bases on BioMotionLab data update

Kind of work in progress
A few years ago Bart and others pointed to the Biomotiolab pages …
Well with some magic including reverse engineering I got this.
A Python script to port raw data to a set of ‘Empties’
Create a Python user interface to control the parameters
A sample .blend working which used another script to clone the generated data to an (outdated) RIGFY rig … well I think you are smart enough to make it fit your needs

python script BioMotion2Blender–(some…more vesion info) holds 2 parts
1rst part implements a class called BioMotionLabGenerator
which makes no use of blender specific python code at all and should run in any python environment
2nd part is at the moment all mixed up
1.create a tree of empties extracting data from the class BioMotionLabGenerator
2.optimally create some more information used by the ‘clone rig’ no need for the rig to be there
as so far the script should work in any other blend file

specific to this .blend is: there is a full working example to peek in and see how it might match your use
says you can delete all objects in layer 3 and all of them will be created new … but the links in the constraints will be lost

the ‘clone rig’ … (on layer 13) A_001Lady/rig for now relies on some objects beeing there
as the constraints refer to them
the rig itself has a Custom Property ‘CloneBML’
switch between ‘follow BMl’ and see what the baked action does

So … for baking is the scrip ‘CloneMotion’ … (switch to Animation)
Since i hate doing things over and over again
i created a bone group named ‘Clone’ to select all the bones needed for a complete bake

still ugly
copy_scale . timing is not on user interface … first published
BML2RIG0104.blend (4.2 MB)
actual version 2019/03/30
BML2RIG0107.blend (4.2 MB)

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scale is property of root object
missing custom props added on the fly
to do : default values; hick up not cleaning actions b4 building new… mostly a problem of the cyclic system in blender
BML2RIG0105.blend (4.2 MB)
also there

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This project sounds really interesting and incredibly useful…

Will you be posting any videos? I think a lot of people would like to see this in motion (like myself).

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I agree.
A good start tutorial would really be very helpful.

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The easy way:
1 load the script in clean blender 2.79 project
2 run the script
3 it will create the tree of empties and the actions
4 in 3d view hit alt-a to run
5 on the object property panel of “walkerroot” you will find the custom properties to tune the cycle and a button to recalculate the new cycle

The rest of the above blend file is just a bit more armature voodoo for an old rigify rig and demonstrates how to crop data from the empty tree

BioMotion2Blender01_12_00.py (40.5 KB)

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Demo use of clone slider in .blend
uses a driver for the constraints in the rig … would be nice to have that all pythonized … well not me at the moment

Sheik Yerbouti full workflow

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Wow bjornmose, great starting point!
Now i just need enough time to have a look at the whole story in peace and quiet.
Many thanks.

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update … adjust time resolution on UI BML2RIG0106.blend (4.3 MB)

Update … added foot rotation BML2RIG0107.blend (4.2 MB)BioMotion2Blender01_15_00.py (41.3 KB)