Walkcycle with keyboard all direction

I made a walkcycle action going to left of the screen. I need to make one for going to right, up down. Is there a way to just use the same I have and modify something to have it goes up down left right.

Direction is just controlled the the rotation keys (or lack thereof) in your actions on the armature root.

For example let’s say you animate a left walk that has one rotation key with the character facing left at the start. To have a “walk right” animation, just create a new action (which automatically copies the current action), rotate the character to the right and create a rotation key on the armature that wipes over the old one. Rinse and repeat for other desired directions.

Of course if you want a “left/right keys to rotate, up to move forwards” you just have one animation with no root rotate keys, parent the armature to an invisible object which you then rotate or move forward on the local axis as needed.