sorry thought this was the animation section sorry,

Any way here is my first walk cycle Ive been trying for months to get this down and now im ready for people to help me and critique it.

specific instructions plz new to blender animation

sorry here"s the link http://www.vimeo.com/6525813

no help huh though this community was better

You have issues man. (or is that kid)

You post at 21:30 without a link.

Then post the link 12min later.

Then 16 minutes later you bad mouth the community because nobody answered you quick enough.

And you are even in the wrong section.

One: my computer crashed when i was about to post the link, i had to reboot it, and each day i have one hour to work on my animations then have to go to work so my bad

Two: I posted this yesterday,expecting it to use my 1 hour writing the critiqus down

Sorry about the wrong section ran out of time

Could you just tell me how to improve it?

That doesn’t mean you couldn’t use the edit button instead of double posting.

Anyway, try to get some swaying and bobbing in there, synchronized with the steps.