Walker - Final Scene Update#1

I have a sketch of what I want my final image to look like.

Well, a sketch done in Blender, but still…


Here’s a link to a full size image.


There is no post production;
Lamps-One sun

Hope you all like it. I’m starting on the high res model tonight.

C&C always welcome.

Looks like a nice concept render. Look forward to where you go with the hi-res version.

One update for tonight and then I’m heading to bed.


It’s not what I’m after, the style, so I’ll probably change it a few times before the final.

I’m taking the concept from a game that has yet to be released called Supreme Cammander. It looks like loads of fun.

Soter: Thanx! I got the idea sitting at the computer just looking at stuff, I hope it turns out as well as it looks in my head.


I gave up on working on the leg for now and did the gun instead.


I’m going to finishe the head-cockpit area up next.

C&C Always welcome.


Not sure why, but the image in your last post didn’t show, the link works fine if you cut&paste url though… strange.

Anyway, the progress on the gun is looking good.

ooo, i love the concept image alone ! i can’t wait to see some more of this :]

My bad… Lemme pull it up again. Anyway, heres the valves on the back.

Heres the one that doesn’t work:


And here’s the little update.

nehpets: Thanks!

Soter: Thankyou. Fixed the image. But you said progress, which implies it could improve, gimme input, the more input the better off I am.

C&C always welcome.


I’ve finished most of the body… And so here it is.



And then there’s the greeble on the back, though its not quite done yet…


Tell me what you think.


I finished with the greeble. I’ll work on the rest of the detailing for the cockpit, etc, now.


Hm. Your awed silence bodes well…


Very nice… and you work very fast

Katsuro: Thankyou. I work very quickly when I know what I want. And the hot-keys help, of course.

An update:


And I get to work on the body next…

Something about the cockpit bothers me though. It seems too wide compared to the concept image, I’ll be tweaking to address that issue as well.



Different View… Nevermind about the too big thing. Thats what I get for staring at my screen for so long.


It reminds me of the tanks from “ghost in the shell: stand alone complex” and that first image reminded me a bit of the replicators from Stragate sg1.

You maynot be far into it but it has a good feeling and vibe to it.

Keep it up. :smiley:

You mean the Tachicomas?
Very nice Zog, and how did you get to be soo talented with blender?

Grape Ape: Never did see Ghost In a Shell… I heard it was good though. I dunno, vibes are good. (:< Rawr!!! Bad VIBES!!!1)

Katsuro: I don’t have talent. I have practice… All those hours I could have been doing something constructive were spent in front of my computer teaching myself how it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, Katsuro, you have done me in. Because now I don’t know what to do next. I was looking at hydraulics in hopes to imitate, but I have no idea how to do that, sazve for the fact that parenting and constraints are involved.

Does anyone remember the Serenity like ship WIP that was running around a couple of months ago? He had hydraulics moving his engines around. If anyone has any idea how to do that… You get the idea. (I have no idea of even where to start.

Thanks in advance.


that the thread you were talking about?
Else… no tengo idea, lo siento.

No, it was well before that one. It was the style that people said made it look like the style of Serenity. It had a name that went with it…

I forget it all now…

Thank you though, Katsuro,

<edit>Here. This is what I was looking for.

Ah. I figured it out. Here is the final Walker model. I will begin applying materials very shortly.


Tell me what you think of it!!1

Thanks for the input thus far.


One thing though.
If it’s supposed to climb walls, how is it going to do that?
Does it have means to grab objects? Suck itself onto the wall?