Walking animation, Anime style!


Don’t shoot me this is my first Animantion!

I’d like to know what you guys think and how I could make it better and such.

Also, feel free to Crit on the model as well. Although keep in mind it’s not finished.

One of the things that pops out to me is that his ankles don’t rotate.

Very rigid. One of the most important parts of a walk cycle is the movement of the hips and shoulders. In your walk, they just move up and down. They’re static. But in real life, they rotate right and left.

Also, your feet don’t bend or rotate either. The foot should bend at the toes. Keep working on this, though. I think you’ve started well.


The spine in your animation is always vertical. He really should be leaning into each step as he walks.

I’d recommend trying to get your hands on animation books by Preston J. Blair. They’re written for traditional animation but the rules he talks about in them are just as applicible to CGI. They also have lots and lots and LOTS of esamples and are definately a worthwhile investment.

Thanks guys, I’ll give this stuff a shot and post what I come up with.

I’ll take a look at that book as well thanks for your help guys.


Well here’s an update,

The ankle still needs work and I don’t think I made him lean forward enough but it’s an improvment.

Better! Try rotating the hips vertically. One side goes down while the other goes up.

The first one was pretty robotic. I liked the improvement in the second one though… how his shoulders shifted… looked more realistic.