Walking animation

How would I make the charactor move at the timing of his walk cycle?

Weeeeeellllllllllll… a lot of ppl use paths although i dont like to. i just move the armature setup and insert keyframes on the armature object itself. IMO it gives u more control over the motion and variable speed

The docs may help you:


I set one frame for the full extension, with the following things in mind:

  1. front toe pointed slightly out
  2. back toe pointed straight ahead
  3. slight movenet to the shoulders
  4. bring legs in, so feet are moving along a center line, kind of
    Then I go ‘copy pose’, go ahead a few frames, then, paste flipped pose.
    Now I go in between these 2 keyframes, and set up the in between pose. You will have to pry apart the legs slightly, so they don’t collide. Then,…
    I place an empty at the base and parent the armature to it. I click ahead a few frames, so he is at the in between moment, and I raise the empty up a notch. then to the full extension, and lower him a notch, effectively giving him ‘bob’. also, make sure the arms are swinging opposite to the legs.