Walking in blender

New to animating, and rigging, i came to wonder …

Human shapes are the most used walk patterns (or running).
Is there some tool to tell in blender look this is my figure, this is the skin, upper leg bone, lower leg foot and a toe.
Then based upon some route ground plate and starting position the tool would generate a walking path
Perhaps even move the backbone also, and optional the head.
Maybe have some options of type of walking ( slow fast sneaking )

I recall some people working on something like that way back when, but I’m not sure it’s still around. Never did work well, iirc.

The problem is that everyone’s animation would start looking the same.

Steve S

Very true, but I think the purpose of the automatic walk cycle was to animate background characters in street scenes or cafes or places where the main character or two looked odd by themselves. I recall there were problems with slippage, and every time a new Blender version came out, it would break.