Walking on Landscape

I have a character, just a simple human with armature. How can i make it so that the char can walk up a slope, and not go straight through it? His axis are screwed up, like z is what y was for some reason, if that has something to do with it. I tried making him a dynamic actor, but he just zips off into the distance and gets glitchy. any help?

  1. Make your human model collision-insensitive in Face Select mode.
  2. Create a box similar in size to your model and parent your armature to it.
  3. Make the box a Dynamic object with the Convex Hull Polytope collision mode.
  4. Use the box to move the character.

Is that the only way, using another object as a containter? Is that why they always look like they are floating?

you can always change the location of your armature relative to your collision box to kill the floating effect. Using a box is just a easy means of keeping the collision calculations low.

great! i think i’ll just use a box and raise it up a bit so the feet dig into the ground a bit. better than floating i say :smiley: