Walking relative to camera view


This is my first contribution to resources. It’s a very simple system that allows the player to walk in a direction, depending on which way the camera is facing.

As in, when the player presses up, instead of walking in the direction it is facing, it walks directly away from the camera. Down walks towards the camera and so on.

This probably isn’t to hard for some people here, but I was wondering about this myself a while ago, and it may help some people here.

Basically it uses eight empties arount the player, and when a button is pressed, the player tracks to the according empty.

It uses wasd, and Raiderium’s mouselook script.


Walking system.blend (180 KB)

Well, for a first contribution, its a very nice and neat one!
Thank you for sharing!

very cool, thanks for this!

awesome I could use this!

Glad I could actually be of some help.

Oh my God, thanks for this!
It’s simple yet very useful.
Thanks :]